Working to give everyone a greater voice

At Buffer, it’s our goal to give everyone a greater voice to amplify the good they’re doing in the world.

To get there, we need diverse voices on our team – a variety of perspectives, experiences, ages, races and ethnicities, abilities, sizes, nationalities and cultures, gender identities and sexual identities, backgrounds, classes, and more.

What we’re doing to create a more diverse, inclusive team

We’re working on building inclusion and diversity into our team in a number of ways:

Here’s what our team looks like now

We still have a lot of work to do to represent our customers and our world. But we believe in sharing openly every step of the way.

We’re grateful for initiatives like Tracy Chou’s Women in Software Engineering Stats and DoubleUnion’s Open Diversity Data project. The Buffer Diversity Dashboard is our contribution to the movement: an open-source, real-time look at the overall demographic diversity of our team as well as our potential new teammates.